Initial Fitmaster Setup

Setting up a Ftmaster is easy – both for stock and custom bike fits. “Stock” bike fitting refers to fitting a rider to a bike for which only a standard geometries are available. In this case, you’ll want to choose the closest bike and adjust the stem, headset spacers and seat position to complete the fitting. With “custom” bike fits, the frame geometry can be modified to meet the rider’s needs. The process for both types of fit are similar:

  1. Select the model / size. Fit Kit and a number of other protocols are designed to help you select the best frame size for a particular rider. If it’s a stock bike fit, then it’s just a matter of mocking up the bike. If it’s a custom bike fit, you will want to start with the closest possible “standard” fit, and adjust it from there.
  2. Set the head and seat angles.
  3. Set the head tube height
  4. Set the top tube length.
  5. Adjust the seat tube length for the estimated top tube slope.
  6. Set the saddle height.
  7. Set up the stem, headset spacers and handlebars.