Fitmaster Tour

The Fitmaster comes jam-packed with features to help the precision-oriented fitter. Hold your mouse over the feature to learn more.

No other machine lets you size both stock and custom bike fits as the Fitmaster.

  • Extensive adjustabilty lets you fit from 45cm to 70cm center to center seat tube and from 48cm to 70cm top tube (an even longer top tube with a sloped top tube.
  • Easily set up to mimic stock geometry bikes. This lets you reduce floor stock, easily justifying the investment. The Fitmaster is Stack and Reach compatible.
  • WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get): you can give your clients a pretty good idea of what their frame will look, including the top tube slope.
  • Easy set up and adjustment: You can adjust the Fitmaster easily thanks to quick release length and angle adjustments. The design has been fine tuned to provide smooth action.
  • The solid base gives rider confidence. The feet under the base remain fixed while the front end slides over the top. Sturdy construction makes this an excellent long term asset.
  • Optional head tube fine tuner allows you to raise and lower the bars with the turn of a knob.
  • Optional adjustable stem and crank provide a complete system for verifying and tuning rider fit.